HR Assistant Manager Job Description

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HR Assistant Manager Profile and Description

For every big company, there is a HR Department to manage their huge staff. HR Assistant Manager plays a big part in smooth operation of the department. As the name suggests, they assist in operations of the department’s duties and tasks on daily basis. The work is often in different areas (training, employee relations etc.) at a given time.

HR Assistant Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The primary job is to provide assistance for different areas of work. The responsibility for the job is usually partial but very important one.
  • The jobs or areas of work can include recruiting, training, employee relations, employee communication, services for the employees, employee welfare and wellness etc. Know them all.
  • Looking after safety of the employees and their health is another important responsibility.

HR Assistant Manager Skills and specifications

  • You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills with maturity to handle different situations. A cool head is a must in order to succeed.
  • Knowledge of different software that are being used along with Excel and database knowledge.
  • Multitasking is essential. You must also have the ability to write quality reports.

HR Assistant Manager education and Qualification

  • The basic requirement for this post is a bachelor’s degree in business field. Without this you can not apply for this position.
  • Most companies would want experience of 2 years or more in the field. Knowledge and experience is vital.
  • A master’s degree or other certificates will add to the chances of getting picked.

HR Assistant Manager Salary

  • HR Assistant Manager has a decent salary package. At the entry level it might seem low but within 2-4 years it can get doubled. The entry level salary is around $35K. Average salary for this post is approximately $55K and salary ranges from $30K to $70K.

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