Process Server Job Description

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Process server job description and profile

The job of a process server comprises of serving summons, subpoenas and show cause notices to the defendant involved in legal cases. It is a job that requires a person to travel long distances in order to find the defendant and issue summons. The process servers are hired by government agencies as well as private law firms. The process servers only deal with civil cases and have nothing to do with criminal cases.

Process server job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a process server are:

  • Finding the defendant in order to issue summons, which can be tricky since a lot of defendants tend to abscond. It is a process that takes up most of a process server’s time and effort.
  • Delivering summons as per the laws of the state, failing which, the whole legal case stands the risk of collapse
  • Serving summons to witnesses and people who need to appear in the court to testify

Process server job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for the job of a process server are:

  • Boldness, courage and confidence in character to deal with absconding defendants and reluctant witnesses
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills is necessary
  • Good knowledge of the rules, regulations and laws of the state is a must
  • Sharp mind and attentiveness to locate absconding defendants
  • Ability to smooth talk defendants and witnesses to accept summons and show up in court
  • Ability and stamina to travel extensively and work for long hours
  • A good knowledge about the geography and roadways of the city is necessary. Driving is a preferred ability.

Process server job education and qualifications

Although no specific education other than a high school diploma is required for the job of a process server, it is imperative and preferable that he have a basic knowledge about the laws of the state. Some colleges offer basic certification course in the laws pertaining to process serving.

Process server job salary

The remuneration of a process server ranges from $25k to $80k annually.


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