Cryptographic Technician Job Description

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Cryptographic Technician Job Profile and Description

Cryptography is the study and implementation of both encryption and decryption process and the cryptographic technicians are those individuals who understand the functionality and technical aspects associated with the work. These days, cryptographic techniques are playing a central role in providing security specifically in the field of e-commerce, ATM cards or in case of safeguarding computer passwords. These technicians are appointed by various organizations to assist them to deal with various technical jargons and safeguarding the secret information effectively along with proper maintenance of essential data.

Cryptographic Technician Duties and Responsibilities

There are countless number of duties and responsibilities of a cryptographic technician to deal with. Some of the significant among them are as follows:

  • Converting plain text or any other ordinary text into cipher text or unintelligible usage
  • Capable of decoding the cipher text into plain text
  • Operating and maintaining cryptographic equipments
  • Coding, decoding and transmitting the confidential information
  • Safeguarding the passwords used in ATM and credit cards transaction, computer system unlocking, online payment sites etc
  • Capability of operating the teletypes and tele printers for transmitting the coded information
  • Setting code for the encryption machines which could easily recognize the plain text by decoding it in cipher text language and transmit the function that is called for
  • Creating protected interfaces for use which could only be assessed by authorized person or administration.

Cryptographic Technician Skills and Specifications:

Cryptographic technician job seeks utmost proficiency; hence, the candidate must possess the following skills and specifications to excel in the job position:

  • Capability of working for long hours and enduring stressful schedules
  • Strong adaptive skill and ability of learning programming faster
  • Ability to deal with puzzles and numbers
  • Fervent skill of handling huge computer databases

Cryptographic Technician Education and Qualifications:

Qualifications gained through experiences and higher education is mandatory for securing a job position of cryptographic technician. However, the following qualifications are noteworthy-

  • Bachelor of Engineering with specialization in Computer Science or graduate programs in computer science, mathematics, cryptography etc
  • Masters of Engineering with specialization in Computer Science, Cryptographic Technology
  • PhD Programs in Cryptography Technology
  • 4-5 years or above on-job experience in the field of cryptography technology

Cryptographic Technician Salary

The average remuneration of a cryptographic technician is around $11,000. However, it differs according to the geography, organization status, the experience and qualification of the individual along with the current market conditions.

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