Database Manager Job Description

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Database Manager Job Profile and Description

There are data in every private and government body, which required to be kept in way that a certain data could be accessed at the time of the requirement.

Those days are gone, when data are kept in the hardcopy format. Now in almost every company, data are kept electronically. So, there should be a person to manage the data. The person who manages the database of a company is called as database manager.

Database Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The database manager of a company has some great responsibilities. The first responsibility of a database manager to keep data in such a format, so that anyone can get any required data without facing any kind of difficulties at all.
  • He or she has the responsibility of keeping all the data very much confidential, so that any other person outside from the company could not access the data.

Database Manager Skills and Specifications

  • A database manager should be well-versed in managing huge data without any kind of faults.
  • He or she should know the trick to compress the data, so that many data can be stored in small places.

Database Manager Education and Qualification

  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering then you are a suitable candidate for a database manager.
  • If you have done any traditional bachelor’s degree in science and have gone under any it related course additionally then you can also apply for a database manager.

Database Manager Job Salary

  • If you think you are the right person for the database manager job, then you are going to get a Excellent salary from this job.
  • The salary of a database manager comes in a range of $3000 to $5000 monthly.

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