Healthcare Software Job Description

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Healthcare Software Job Description

Project Related Competencies

Technical requirements

  • Ability to create as well as test and maintain program codes
  • Work with other programming employees to determine changes and enhancement in program code
  • Offer guidance to support employees in resolving program, SQL Database and other IT issues
  • Resolve problems arising from the development of new software
  • Provide assistance to the other programmers whenever needed

Career path core competencies


  • Maintain continuous communication with internal employees to communicate developments in software
  • Keep in contact with clients to explain the intended use of new software features

Technical understanding

  • Must Possess experience in software development preferably in the medical field
  • Should Have knowledge of creation of DLLs and use of program classes
  • Should Have a working knowledge of Visual Basic .NET, SQL Server Databases
  • Expertise in Windows XP operation of Windows 2000/NT Server desirable
  • Experience in the use of Crystal reports and SourceSafe
  • Experience with ASP.NET
  • Knowledge of ASCX12N & NCPDP EDI formats
  • Experience in the use of software for medical operations and billing

Professional qualities

  • Ability to operate as part of a team
  • Ability to work in a fast-changing environment
  • Must have ability to change and maintain code to meet new requirements

Organizational responsibilities

Professional development

  • Assist junior health IT employees in understanding software uses and needs through motivation and training
  • Perform continuous appraisal of implemented software

Internal operations

  • Monitor corporate operations to ensure that a knowledge base is created and maintained
  • Identify weaknesses in health software and suggest possible solutions to address these.

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