Job Specification

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Job Specification

When there is a vacancy for a particular job profile, there will be many candidates competing with each other for applying for the position. Then there has to be certain kind of selection criterion to judge people on the criterion and select the apt person for the position who can perform preferably well than others. That is where the Job Specifications help the employer choose the best staff among the various candidates. Job Specifications are the employer’s expectations of skills, abilities, knowledge, proficiency, minimum education qualifications, qualities and other personal characteristics in the process of recruitment to select the staffs. These specifications differ with each organization and also with each job position.

Usually the important contents of job specification are as follows:

  • Skills: Needed attributes for performing the job efficiently. They can be both technical and personal-oriented skills. Highly skilled people are always in demand.
  • Education: The minimum educational qualifications and other trainings, certifications that is necessary to apply for the job.

The writing of job specification needs very detailed analysis before charting out the particular specifics of a job. The job specification for a particular job position has to be decided based upon analysis and consultation with all related staffs, supervisors and management. In addition to it, the job specifications need to be briefly defined and should be in simple terms, so that there presents no confusion among the candidates. Thus, the job specifications will help employers in getting best and appropriate staffs for their organizations.

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