Bar Justices Job Description

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Bar Justices Job Profile and Description


A Justice is a person who gives judgment in a court case. A justice resolves different types of cases and disputes filed in a bar court. The job profile of a justice requires a person to be of good mental state in order to execute right verdict.

Bar Justices Duties and Responsibilities –

  • The first and last responsibility of a justice is to make judgments in all cases that come to a bar court.

Bar Justices Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have good patience – to understand and analyze the right condition of a case and make the right judgment
  • Should be a good listener and observer to make good analysis
  • There are some restrictions on a justice’s private life.

Bar Justices Education and Qualification –

  • A bachelor’s degree in law is the minimum requirement.

Bar Justices Job Salary –

  • The salary of a bar justice ranges from $3000 to $5000 annually.

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