Court Recorder Job Description

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Court Recorder Job Profile and Description


The job profile of a Court Recorder involves creating verbatim transcripts of all the court proceedings taking place during the trials and hearings. All courts employ court recorders. Although, different technologies are used to carry out the tasks, but stenography is the main thing involved in their work. A court recorder creates transcripts that are converted into legal documents for use as legal proofs and official records.

Court Recorder Duties and Responsibilities –

  • To make sure that the legal proceedings of the court trials and hearings are comprehensive, precise, and protected.
  • Recording all events taking place during court proceedings – verbatim transcripts speeches, meetings, and discussions etc.
  • To form and maintain the computer dictionary used for translating the keystroke codes into written form.
  • To assist judges and attorneys for information search and preparation of record database
  • Expanding the procedures for trouble-free storage and smooth recovery of stenographic notes, voice files (digital and paper format).
  • To edit the computer generated translations to make sure that grammar and the every fact identification is used correctly
  • To make copies and provide information to courts from transcripts, attorneys, parties, media and general public upon a request approved by court magistrate.
  • Expanding procedures for easy storage and repossessing all stenographic notes, recorded audio files, steno grams etc. in paper or digital format.
  • To provide genuine translating services for deaf people.

Court Recorder Skills and Specifications –

  • Good knowledge of using stenographic devices
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Great interpersonal and listening skills
  • Should have good organizational skills
  • Must be a hard worker

Court Reporter Education and Qualifications –

  • A Diploma in a vocational course involving training on verbatim reporting.
  • A certificate in the licensure exams of the state court recorder is a plus

Court Recorder Salary –

The average salary of a Court Recorder is about $52,460.

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