Criminal Profiling Job Description

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Criminal Profiling Job Profile and Description

A Criminal Profiler has the responsibility to assess the crime nature and methods used to commit a crime. It requires having session with a criminal to put together all data and form a report to be submitted as a psychological profile that is used for identifying a crime. They help law & enforcement agencies solve criminal cases.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Organizing criminal personality profiling by determining different important factors in studying a criminal case.
  • Organizing witness with different proofs for solving a case.
  • Assessing the evidences like pictures, crime scenes and notes made by investigators.
  • Performing theoretically in order to justify psychological level of criminal in connection with weapons and methods used to commit a crime.
  • Examining crime causes by supposing the rebuilding crime through the criminal’s viewpoint and victim as well.
  • Arranging reports on suspects involved in a crime case

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have thorough knowledge of criminal psychology for arranging accurate criminal file.
  • Be able to evaluate collected evidences to prepare reports to validate a case.
  • Should have thorough knowledge of case history and criminal record prior a court session.
  • Should be able to converse efficiently with concerned people in connection with evaluation of crime and criminal.
  • Must have good watching skills
  • Must have good communication and inter personal skills.

Education and Qualifications –

A criminal profiler should have a graduate degree in law. Also, they must have Post Graduation in Crime psychology and, doctorate to work as senior criminal profiler.

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