Criminologist Job Description

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Criminologist Job Profile and Description

A ‘Criminologist’ is a person who is proficient in understanding behavior of criminals – they study crime and solve criminal cases. Their study of crime helps them conclude the right answers behind criminals’ behavior & motives behind a crime. They examine the different aspects of criminals. They are also involved in developing various rehabilitation methods to form a secure society. This is a very responsible job and requires enormous dedication and hard work.


Criminologist Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Gather data related to criminal incidents and building criminals’ profiling
  • Building inferences about a criminal’s communal and personal background from data information
  • Studying criminal cases and finding relations for theoretical modules and postulates
  • Conversing with criminals to understand their psychology to find out their past record
  • Working in public offices like police and forensic departments at times
  • Researching on efficacy of criminal acts, rehabilitation laws and punishments
  • Storing data and making intact reports based on demographic and sociological factors that leads to crime
  • Notifying government about reports
  • Performing observations to categorize a criminal
  • Recognizing the population segment most vulnerable to a particular crime

Criminologist Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have logical skills for assessing psychological forces behind commitment of a particular crime
  • Should have good presentation and instruction skills in case of teachers and professors imparting knowledge in institutions and legal firms
  • Should have good writing skill for creating reports and thesis on criminals and crime scenarios
  • Should have decisive thinking abilities to prepare reports

Criminologist Education and Qualifications –

  • Bachelor degree in behavioral science, sociology, criminology
  • Masters degree in criminology with specialization in juvenile delinquency, figures or abnormal psychology
  • Doctoral degree in any of the above
  • An Associate degree in law and social studies
  • A valid license from state government
  • Completed Internship training

Criminologist Salary –

The starting salary for this position is around $28,000 annually.

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