Criminology Job Description

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Criminology Job Profile and Description

The job profile of ‘’Criminology’ involves study of crimes, criminals & social behaviors. This job profile works well with people interested in finding solutions for behavior problems – they have to find out that how people turn aside from normal behavior in society. They help law and enforcements agencies catch hold of such people who break the social laws.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Being responsible for studying behavioral change in people and finding out reasons behind their desire to commit a crime
  • Helping police department to get hold of criminals by developing criminals’ profiles and the particular crime types and, criminals through assessing the crime data.
  • Interrogating suspects for clarifying crime evidences that the police receives against the suspects.
  • Being responsible for building a profile about a possible suspect by visiting a crime scene or through study of the information received after the death of a victim
  • Being responsible for assessing hand writing and fingerprints of criminals.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have a keen interest in solving problems and to prevent crimes by scientific means.
  • Should possess strong interaction skills to understand criminals’ behavior.
  • Must be able to analyze crime from the evidences.
  • Must be able to perform quick and sharp observation
  • Should have an logical bend of mind.

Education and Qualifications –

The field of Criminologist requires a person to have a master’s or doctorate degrees in forensic science or criminal justice, along with minors in sociology or psychology. Having a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in any science subjects like biology, chemistry, and forensic science or criminal justice is sufficient. A person should have expertise in analyzing the DNA fingerprinting, DNA sequencing and hand writing analyzing etc..

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