Divorce Lawyer Job Description

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Divorce lawyer job description and profile


The job profile of a ‘Divorce Lawyer’ requires helping a couple legally end their marriage. They deal with everything related to a divorce –   settlements, child support, custody of child and visiting rights. A Divorce lawyer also provides counseling to couples for avoiding family break up. The Divorce law comes under ‘Family Law’.

Divorce lawyer duties and responsibilities –

  • Listening and understanding the issues of both parties before a divorce case is filed
  • Assessing reasons for asking divorce and, arranging counseling meetings to help a couple reunite & save their family
  • Explaining different laws and regulations that are associated with divorce and which can impact a family very negatively
  • Filing a divorce case in a court
  • Collecting evidences to show as grounds for a divorce
  • Performing investigations on domestic violence and mistreatment prior presenting as evidence
  • Visiting court on allocated dates with clients, and arguing
  • To make sure that a client get good settlement in divorce
  • If divorce is granted, drafting required papers and negotiate settlements terms, child support and child custody with the opposite party lawyer

Divorce lawyer skills and specifications –

  • Strong knowledge about divorce laws and all other related laws
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills
  • Must work honestly to reunite a family before filing a divorce case
  • Good investigation skills
  • Strong watching and logical skills
  • Good decision making abilities

Divorce lawyer education and qualification –

  • A bachelor’s law degree with specialization in divorce or family laws
  • Have cleared bar exam

Divorce lawyer salary –

  • The salary of a divorce lawyer depends on the number of cases one handle and lawyers do charge their own set fees – averagely, it ranges from $100,000 to $200,000 per year

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