Elder Law Attorney Job Description

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Elder Law Attorney Job Profile and Description


An ‘Elder Law Attorney’ mainly works for particular clients – belonging to older age group. The old people face many different kinds of difficulties related to them, their family and their caregivers.

An elder law attorney handles many issues for old people – inheritance, property disputes, post-retirement privileges and medical issues etc. They also provide complete health and finance security to old people. It also involves consultation with clients and working coordinately with other professionals like insurance agent, doctors and bankers etc.

Elder Law Attorney Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Understanding different requirements of clients like post-employment issues, medical conditions, family negligence, legal rights etc.
  • Counseling and informing clients about legal statutes, rules and regulations about welfare of older citizens
  • Keeping files of clients and their problems
  • Coordinating interaction of clients with service providers and ensuring proper services to them
  • Helping clients obtain benefits from an organization or a person
  • Handling financial issues
  • Protecting clients confidential data

Elder Law Attorney Skills and Specifications –

  • Strong analyzing skills for determining prospective setbacks that may appear during procurement
  • Good writing and communication skills for framing documents and written case transcription to discuss them with the court
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Strong knowledge about law proceedings

Elder Law Attorney Education and Qualifications –

  • High school degree with English, speech and social studies
  • Bachelor’s degree in law, or public administration or political science
  • Masters degree in Law enforcement
  • Juris Doctor Degree from an ABA accredited law school
  • Past experience as an intern at a reputed legal firm

Elder Law Attorney Salary –

The average salary range is $45,000 to $98,000 for the position of elder law attorney.

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