FBI Special Agent Job Description

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FBI Special Agent Job Profile and Description

A FBI Special Agent needs to inspect different kinds of infringements of the U.S laws. They are required to investigate an incident and report the conclusions to the attorney general’s office.  They mainly perform investigations on crimes – murder, kidnapping, bank robbery, spying, extortion, sabotage and scam etc. They have to interrogate witnesses and watching activities of the suspects. They also have to conduct researches and take part in raids. An FBI Special agent is not supposed to state their fault and innocence of the suspects – they are secret agents.

FBI Special Agent Job Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Implementing law & enforcement for the protection of the country against any outside terrorist defects.
  • To provide aid in law enforcement at various levels.
  • Being responsible for investigations of different types of crimes
  • Being responsible for solving criminal cases
  • Performing surveillance and watching wiretaps
  • Examining personal, business, and financial records
  • Safeguarding the United States against cyber crimes and technology crimes
  • Protection against spying

FBI Special Agent Job Skills and Specifications –

This is very responsible and demanding job piffle and hence, it requires special skills:

  • The first requirement is that s person must be a USA citizen, and be between thirty three and thirty seven.
  • Must be fluent in at least one foreign language.
  • Must be exceptionally smart and open to work under extreme pressure and difficult situations
  • Must have excellent IQ level
  • Must have wide knowledge of computer as forensic science is an important part of this service

FBI Special Agent Job Education and Qualifications –

  • Must be a graduate
  • Must possess three years of work experience or, an advanced degree in criminal justice with two years related work experience.
  • Must  know one foreign languages
  • Must pass written, oral and physical examination

FBI Special Agent Job Salary –

The salary of an FBI agent is around $64,478 per year.

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