Housing Lawyer Job Description

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Housing Lawyer Job Profile and Description

A ‘Housing Lawyer’ is required to build the legal aspects of the transactions related to housing and, also in taking proceedings for housing disputes. Their work mainly involves preparing documents like deeds, lease and mortgage documents etc-etc.

Housing Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Advising the clients, help them understand the rules, & concluding possible outcomes by studying the legal precedents.
  • Developing strategies and examining the findings.
  • Conducting researches and acquiring information for setting up a case.
  • Preparing and drafting legal documents
  • Fixing the housing settlements and wrong transactions
  • Negotiating terms and conditions which guarantees smooth trade of the housing deeds and agreements.
  • Acting as trustee of the housing property and possessing funds to issue
  • Updating themselves on the changing trends, patterns and procedures in the housing field.

Housing Lawyer Skills and Specifications –

  • Be able to advice and counsel people efficiently.
  • Be able to work under the senior lawyers.
  • Be able to negotiate well
  • Should have strong grip over speech-making methods
  • Should have good analytical skills
  • Should have good watching and memorization skills

Housing Lawyer Education and Qualifications –

  • Bachelor’s degree in law along with courses like history, political science, economics, and social science is highly essential.
  • Past law practice experience under the senior lawyers in housing related cases is a plus.

Housing Lawyer Salary –

The average salary of housing lawyers is around $115,409 per annum.

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