Judges and Magistrates Job Description

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Judges and Magistrates Job Profile and Description

A Judge and Magistrate perform as Trial Court Judge, District Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge and Magistrate, and Supreme Court Judge. They all come under the 3rd level of government, the ‘Judiciary’ – interpreting and implementing the laws in settling civil and criminal cases, from tax offences to civil rights and from thefts to murder cases. A judge is appointed or elected for a position – appointed judges are guaranteed tenure security, whereas elected judges have their renewable terms ranging from 4 to 6 years and, the trial court judges may provide their services for 14 years or more.

Judges and Magistrates Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Instructing juries on applicable laws, directing them for assuming the facts from the permissible evidence, and hear their verdicts.
  • Sentencing criminals upon conviction by jury,
  • Ruling on admissibility, motions, pleadings
  • Interpreting & implementing court rules or establish new rules
  • Perform opening hearings to decide if there is valid reason to hold defendants in crime cases.

Judges and Magistrates Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have highest moral, righteousness and character integrity
  • Must have excellent knowledge of laws
  • Must have strong analytical and troubleshooting abilities
  • Must have excellent leadership skills
  • Must have excellent convincing oral and written communication skills

Judges and Magistrates Education and Qualifications –

  • A bachelor’s degree in law with relevant work experience – some states also allow non-lawyers to perform as judges, but it is not a pavement for a career
  • A Bachelor of Laws degree with BAR accreditation

Judges and Magistrates Salary –

The average annual salary for Judges and Magistrates is around $110,300

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