Lawyer Assistant Manager Job Description

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Lawyer assistant manager job description and profile

The job profile of a ‘Lawyer Assistant Manager’ involves directly reporting to, and assisting the legal manager of an organization. They carry out different functions like legal document preparation, putting groundwork for legal proceedings. They handle all data to be presented to the legal manager – correct any errors present in reports etc. so that the manager does not need to do spend time correcting the documents & reports and can manage other things efficiently. A lawyer assistant manager also needs to meet clients.

Lawyer assistant manager duties and responsibilities –

  • Assisting the legal manager for all legal matters
  • Drafting legal documents according to the legal manager instructions
  • Meeting clients and acquire the required information
  • Informing clients about legal actions and all the conditions attached
  • Perform legal research about the cases
  • Working in coordination with the other assistant managers and associate lawyers
  • Displaying good team spirit
  • Handling all paperwork for filing in the court
  • Ensuring benefits according to the contracts between the business partners &, other companies
  • Advancing knowledge about corporate law and new updates

Lawyer assistant manager skills and specifications –

  • Excellent knowledge about different legal aspects
  • Strong knowledge about courtroom procedures
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Excellent negotiation abilities
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • A sharp eye for details and good watching skills
  • Be able to scrutinize contracts and assess implications of all clauses mentioned
  • Must be highly accurate and thorough in all actions

Lawyer assistant manager education and qualification –

  • A Bachelors law degree from a recognized institute
  • Work experience as junior officer and legal trainee is required

Lawyer assistant manager salary

  • Lawyer assistants make between $40,000 and $90,000 annually

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