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Staff attorney job description and profile


‘Staff Attorneys’ are the lawyers employed full-time by businesses. A Staff attorney generally provides legal services to just one organization; however some attorneys provide their services to more than one company at a time.

They solve all legal problems of an organization. They have to handle all legal matters related to the operations of an organization.


Staff attorney duties and responsibilities –

  • Reviewing legal documents and agreements of an organization and, making sure that the terms & conditions are in interest of their employer while being reasonable for the other party.
  • Advising the company management on legal aspects like real estate dealings, merger bids, acquisitions, and building partnerships.
  • Drafting legal letters and documents
  • Ensuring protection of rights of an organization under all situations
  • Ensuring no action of their organization becomes liable to legal litigations
  • Liaising between their company and its clients and, the partners
  • Representing the organization in meetings with banks etc.
  • Preparing reports for presentation in internal meetings and stockholder meetings
  • Ensuring lawful working practices in the organization
  • Helping their organization’s policy makers prepare correct plans and strategies by giving their advice for legal implications of the plans
  • Ensuring regular updating of all contracts, agreements and tax details

Staff attorney skills and responsibilities –

  • Must have excellent knowledge about law and corporate law
  • Must have excellent observation, analytical and decision making abilities
  • Must be able to think in advance and make good decisions
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Must be highly accurate and thorough in functioning
  • Must be able to influence the company and protect it from all legal problems

Staff attorney education and qualification –

  • Bachelor’s degree in law and experience in handling corporate legal work for a minimum period of five years

Staff attorney salary –

The salary for this job profile ranges from $120,000 and $165,000 per annum.

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