Supreme Court Justices job Description

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Supreme Court Justices Job Profile and Description


In every country, there is a top court above all courts that is known as the ‘Supreme Court’. In a Supreme Court, only cases that are extremely important are accepted for justice. For this court, very highly qualified and reputed judges are appointed. The government also has to follow the orders of the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court judge has some restrictions to their private life.

Supreme Court Justices Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Being highly responsible as they have to make extremely important judgments.
  • Making right and impartial judgments.

Supreme Court Justices Skills and Specifications –

  • Must possess vast knowledge of law and order.
  • Must be very calm and self-possessed for giving justice
  • Must have skills for unbiased judgments

Supreme Court Justices Education and Qualification –

  • Should possess a Bachelor’s degree in law, Master’s degree is better
  • Must pass a competitive examination for getting a position in the Supreme court as a ‘Judge’.

Supreme Court Justices Job Salary –

  • The average salary for a Supreme Court Judge is $4000 – $8000 per month.


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