Electrical Maintenance Engineer Job Description

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Electrical maintenance engineer job description and profile

The job of an electrical maintenance engineer is to ensure that all electrical machines, circuits and connections are in order. They may either work in industries such as manufacturing units or in companies where a lot of electrical machinery is used. The work hours are hectic and so is the work. However, electrical maintenance engineers can earn decent pay.

Electrical maintenance engineer duties and responsibilities

  • Evaluating the electrical requirements of the company and ensuring that they are fulfilled
  • Ensuring that all the electrical equipments in the company are functioning optimally
  • Manage maintenance technicians and workers and supervise installation and servicing of electrical works
  • Preparing financial estimates on electrical maintenance in the company
  • Ensuring that machines do not suffer breakdowns due to short circuits or other such problems
  • Planning installation and execution of back up power units in case of power failure
  • Providing troubleshooting solutions to different departments in case of electrical problems
  • Training junior technicians and engineers in electrical maintenance works
  • Planning installation of new electrical installations while keeping the company’s budget in mind
  • Evaluating the need to replace components of existing systems
  • Formulating plans to improve efficiency and performance of electrical equipments
  • Ensuring that all electrical installations are as per safety standards
  • Ensuring that workers follow standard safety precautions while undertaking installation and maintenance works

Electrical maintenance engineer skills and specifications

  • Outstanding knowledge about electrical systems, installation procedures, circuits and maintenance
  • Outstanding troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent management and leadership qualities
  • Sound knowledge about safety measures and standards
  • Excellent management skills

Electrical maintenance engineer education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is the most desirable qualification
  • Diploma in electrical works followed by 5 years experience is also accepted

Electrical maintenance engineer salary

Average salary of electrical maintenance engineer is $80,000 per annum and ranges between $55,000 to $100,000

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