General Maintenance Job Description

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General Maintenance Job Profile and Description

If we don’t maintain a thing properly, then the life span of that particular thing reduces. This is true for every thing, in case of human beings also. If you don’t eat or drink properly, then we also can not live longer. A general maintenance job is to maintain anything and everything. To a general maintenance executive, a particular thing will be assigned and he or she has to take care of that thing without any fail.

General Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • The most essential responsibility of a person in a general maintenance job is to maintain the thing properly for which he or she is posted.
  • He or she is responsible for any maintenance work the property or equipment needed, for which he or she is there.
  • If any pitfall in maintenance is come to the front, then he or she will be responsible for that.

General Maintenance Skills and Specifications

  • If you are aspiring for a general maintenance job, then you should have skills in maintaining a particular thing. Without skills in maintenance, you should not go for a general maintenance job, as you face limitless troubles.
  • You should have the managerial skills for a general maintenance job. If you get a general maintenance job, then you don’t have to maintain most of the time but you have to do that by other peoples, so you should have some managerial quality.

General Maintenance Education and Qualification

You need to have a bachelor’s degree to get a general maintenance job.

General Maintenance Job Salary

If you have some past experience in maintenance in particular then you will get a good salary in general maintenance job. The salary range is generally between $2000-$4000 monthly.

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