Hotel Maintenance Job Description

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Hotel Maintenance Job Profile and Description

A hotel is a facility, which needs very high quality of maintenance. Every square inch of a hotel should be properly maintained, because guests prefer clean and properly maintained hotels. The hotel which is well-maintained that receives more guests than a poorly maintained hotel. So, there are generally many people deployed in maintenance job in every hotel. There are different kinds of maintenances had to be done and there are different people deployed for different kinds of maintenances.

Hotel Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • If you are posted or going to be posted in a hotel maintenance job, then your first responsibility is to take proper care of the hotel. You don’t have to take care of the whole hotel but you have to do the particular thing, which is assigned to you.
  • You have to do the maintenance work well within the time and that is another great responsibility in your shoulder.

Hotel Maintenance Skills and Specifications

  • You must have skills in maintenance of a hotel, in order to get a job of hotel maintenance.
  • Every hotel require very high standard of maintenance, so the work of yours should be of very high quality.

Hotel Maintenance Education and Qualification

  • Very high educational qualification is not at all required for a hotel maintenance job Most of the things are learnt on the job.
  • If you have done only schooling, then that may be enough for getting a hotel maintenance job. But more the qualification you have, better is the chance of getting a job of hotel maintenance.

Hotel Maintenance Job Salary

  • You should not expect a great salary from this job as this is a very regular job. According to the nature of the job, the salary you will get is quite satisfactory.
  • The salary comes in a range of $1500-$2500 monthly.

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