House Painter Job Description

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House Painter Job Profile and Description

A home painter paints, maintains and finishes any kind of painting related job at both the interior and exterior surfaces of a home. The painter also prepares the wall before it gets painted with finishing coats or undercoats. They use a wide range of applications, materials and techniques to fulfill the purpose. They often mix and match the paints to make interesting contrasts. Painting specifics like water blasting and soda are also performed by these experts. They also owe ample information about the storage and selection of the long lasting painting material for the home.

House Painter Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a home painter are:

  • The home painter primes, prepares, patches furniture, buildings and fixtures using lacquer, varnish, enamel, shellac, epoxy, water proofing finishes and latex.
  • Repair, tape, and flush wallpaper and other textured surfaces.
  • Adjusting the colors, shades and hues of the exterior and interior surface of the home as per the requirement.
  • Take out graffiti by using soda blasting on the affected area of the wall.
  • Estimates the materials and time required to complete a painting job.
  • Keep a record of the painting and related services for reporting it to his authority for billing purpose.
  • Conduct researches on latest trend for suggesting new wall painting ranges and also check inventories of the equipment and chemical supplies.

House Painter Skills and Specifications

The following skills and specifications are important for been a home painter:

  • When it comes to repainting the home, the home painter must have the skill of stripping the existing paint completely
  • The home painter must know how to sand and clean the wall of the home. This is important because every wall is not always ready for coat paint and the wall has to get prepared for the action.
  • Must have proper understanding on color adjustment or combination.

House Painter Education and Qualifications

The qualification needed for been a home painter is:

  • Elementary school knowledge is preferable
  • On-Job Training as a painter
  • Qualification gained through apprentice program which involves intensive practical and theory.

House Painter Salary

An annual salary of $37000 is the average for a home painter in the US. They get an hourly rate of about $19. The U.S Bureau of Statistics states that the highest average salary paid to a home painter is $52,000. However, the salary rates differ with different states.

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