School Maintenance Job Description

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School Maintenance Job Profile and Description

A school is a facility, which needs very careful maintenance. School generally needs maintenance more frequently than any other similar kind of property. The reason behind that the mischievous activities of children come to the school. Apart from general things like floor, roof and electrical; there are many other things like garden, play ground and auditorium present in a school, which requires frequent maintenance. The job of a person posted in school maintenance is to take the overall care of the school as a whole.

School Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • If you are looking for a school maintenance job, then you should remain prepare to take all the responsibilities of the maintenance of a school.
  • The responsibility of each and every kind of maintenance of a school will be on your shoulders.
  • You have to deliver flawlessly always and that to within the given time frame.

School Maintenance Skills and Specification

  • To get a school maintenance job, you should possess different kinds of maintenance; like maintenance of garden, maintenance of play ground, maintenance of laboratory, classrooms, etc.
  • You need to be a very dedicated and punctual person to qualify for a school maintenance job.

School Maintenance Education and Qualification

  • You can get this job with very ordinary educational qualification, as qualification does not hold the key for this job. Yes, if you have gone through any course in house keeping and maintenance, then your chance is bright as far as getting this job is concerned.
  • You must have skills in maintenance, in order to get this particular job. That matters more than your educational qualification at the time of the selection for this job.

School Maintenance Job Salary

The salary of this job is in the range of $1500-$3000 monthly.


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