Auctioneer Job Description

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Auctioneer Job Profile and Description:

The job profile of an ‘Auctioneer’ involves selling the auctioned articles to the person who bids highest. They have to present the auctioned items to the bidders with description. An auctioneer plays a very important role at an auction house – manages the entire auction process. It involves studying the objects carefully, coordinating the bidding process and, accepting the winning bid and completing the process.

Auctioneer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Handling the entire auction process
  • Studying the objects to be auctioned
  • Making arrangements for the bidding process
  • Ensuring the best possible price for the seller.
  • Explaining the important qualities of the object to be auctioned
  • Announcing a range of price values for the object in auction.
  • Forwarding the money collected to the seller.
  • Handling the accounts and funds related to the auction

Auctioneer Skills and Specifications:

  • Must have excellent public speaking abilities
  • Must have diverse vocal and appraisal skills
  • Should be ready to work for hours
  • Must be confident and, have the skills to capture the audience’s interest for the auction items
  • Should have good understanding about auctions and be able to guess the pulse of the buyers

Auctioneer Educational Qualifications:

  • A high school degree is the minimum qualification
  • Should have good knowledge about various subjects
  • Should have completed formal training in auction process
  • A graduate degree with fine arts is highly desirable

Auctioneer Salary:

The average salary of an auctioneer is about $46,602, however, it depends on the abilities of the auctioneer.

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