Database Marketing Analyst Job Description

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Database marketing analyst job profile and description

The arena of Internet is flooded, with websites, databases and portals which offer the facilities of E-Learning. These websites and databases provide information and data about various things, to people and hence, it is important to maintain a standard, of reliability and integrity for the information supplied, by these websites and databases. A person who handles this job is known as Database Manager’.

Database marketing analyst Job Duties and Responsibilities –

    • Manage and keep the database organized and ensure the reliability of the same
    • Verifying the validity and significance, of the website’s information.
    • Manages the entire database, or website
    • Keep the efficiency, of the database and secure the website from any possible illegal hacking, viruses, bugs etc.
    • Modify the database with useful and interactive applications to help the customers.

Database marketing analyst Skills and Specifications –

  • It requires to have essential technical skills
  • Should have thorough knowledge about subject and themes in the database
  • Should have great patience and good reasoning skills.

Database marketing analyst Education and Qualifications –

  • Professional degree course in information systems studies.

Database marketing analyst Salary –

  • The average salary of a Database Manager is around $6000.


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