Entry Level Marketing Job Description

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Entry Level Marketing Job Profile and Description

This job profile involves different tasks which are performed to boost the promotion and advertising of an organization. Various organization and business provides entrance stage promotion jobs so they can improve the purchase of their services and products. This is a position where one has to be make strategies and plans to be able to increase the purchase of that particular organization. The entrance stage promotion executive is taken by top professionals and revenue managers.


Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Perform the work related to the creation and control of certain promotion techniques which will help to promote products of a particular organization or company.
  • He is accountable for controlling goals of the organization or company and for the customer support.
  • He is accountable for assessing the industry techniques through studies.
  • This job helps a organization or company to synchronize and assess different financial aspect such as revenue, budget, expenses and projector screen of profit or loss.
  • This job also demands making of industry techniques according to the industry features.
  • Accountable for producing the list of a business’s available service attractions and items.
  • The professional also have the responsibility to sign up in promotional activities like industry events, ads.

Skills and specifications –

  • Should have good managerial and communication skills.
  • Must have knowledge about the current market characteristics.
  • Must be a team player
  • Must have good interpersonal skills.

Education and Qualifications –

It requires a Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing or in business administration. A master’s degree in business administration or in sales and marketing is desirable.

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