Marketing Manager Job Description

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Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

The job of a Marketing Manager’s includes creating, and maintaining marketing techniques to achieve the goals of an organization. Their main role is to deal with the advertising, marketing and marketing departments of their company. They have to review market circumstances, customer research, and competition data and use the collected data and reports for making better marketing plan for the products of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Creating pricing strategies, while keeping in mind the satisfaction of customers and the goals of the company.
  • Evaluating overall costs of business operations like expenses, budget, return-on investment and profit-loss forecasts, and developing and research appropriations.
  • Indentifying, developing, assessing promotion ideal plans, based on knowledge of business goals, cost and markup factors and market features.
  • Formulating, guiding and handling promotion policies and actions to promote products, working with promotion and advertising supervisors.
  • Negotiating agreements with suppliers and companies in handling item submission, developing submission techniques and setting up submission networks.
  • Directing the training, hiring and performance assessment programs of promotion and advertising staff and oversee their day-to-day activities.
  • Consulting service department on item requirements like design, product packaging, color.
  • Using sales strategic planning and predicting to ensure earnings and sale of lines, items, or solutions, managing industry trends and assessing business improvements.
  • Compiling lists that explain items or solutions attractions.
  • Selecting accessories and items to display at special generation or industry events.
  • Coordinating and participating in industry events and promotional activities, working with generation mangers, promoters, and developers to promote company items.
  • Conferring legal staff for solving problems, such as vips sharing and copyright intrusion with outside suppliers and producers.
  • Assisting business and other units by suggesting on international, national, and local factors that affect the buying and selling of items.
  • Consulting buying employees to gain offer with respect to the expected types of items that are in demand.
  • Initiating researching the market cases and assessing their conclusions.
  • Conducting commercial and economic surveys online to recognize potential markets for solutions and products.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Extensive understanding in every aspect of marketing strategies to achieve business goals.
  • Strong understanding of industry characteristics, client and specifications.
  • Willingness to travel at any time and work in a team of professionals.
  • Proven capability to create, develop, and apply ideal programs and methods.
  • Superior dental, writing interaction abilities with highly obtained cultural abilities.
  • Ability to understand complicated specialized principles quickly.
  • Flexible and capability to focus on projects and manage several projects at single example within compacted times.
  • Innovative, stress threshold, decision-making abilities.
  • Proven understanding in industry and client research

Education and Qualifications –

  • A Degree in marketing or business related field is required.

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