Trade Show Manager Job Description

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Trade Show Manager Job Profile and Description:

A Trade Show Manager looks after business exhibitions and takes care of the industry events or events provided by professional organizations or interactions. They plan and conduct business exhibitions for the company. Also, they assist in generating online seminars and materials for the business marketing. Calculating the cost behind each display and also determining the type and type of display is also part of their job.


Trade Show Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Calculating the place and the type of the display to be held
  • Estimating the normal cost required for the business show
  • Research and gather useful information from various industry events.
  • Preparation of daily activities for the venture he is operating for.
  • Producing marketing workshops and shows
  • Responsible for if you are that the whole display is operating nicely.
  • Responsible for discussing with the worried individuals relevant to the display in case of any problem.
  • Organizing mixture events, events and any type of occurrence relevant to the display or the display.
  • Looks after ground control.
  • Supervises the other employees operating under him.
    • Must have excellent management abilities to make the employees under him work efficiently and planning the whole occurrence efficiently.
    • Should be able to set up appropriate and affordable funds according to the display. For this, the display manger needs to have good analytical capability which is very important in today’s current market.
    • A fantastic handling expertise is the plus point for the display administrator.
    • A fantastic understanding of the company he is working in, the products relevant to it, the business’s customers and opponents must be present in an ideal trade show administrator.
    • Should be practical and versatile.
    • Should have fantastic and beneficial contacts.

Trade Show Manager Skills and Specifications:

Trade Show Manager Educational qualifications –

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Degree in public relations, marketing, management or communications are desirable
  • Candidates holding the ‘Convention Industry Council’ certification are preferred.

Trade Show Manager Salary:

The average annual salary for this position is $71,034.

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