Camera Operator Job Description

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Camera Operator Job Description and Profile

A camera operator is responsible for operating a camera and assisting the Cameraman and Cinematographer. A camera operator mounts camera on the To Tri pod, helps in changing the lens as per the requirement of the Cameraman or Cinematographer. He is responsible for shifting camera from one location to other during shoots. A camera and its peripherals like tri pod, head phones, microphones is his responsibility on a shooting location.

Camera Operator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works in close association with Directors, producers, cinematographers and Cameramen
  • Responsible for operating camera under the instructions of cameraman and cinematographers
  • Responsible for capturing still and rough shots
  • Checks whether the lighting is suitable or not
  • Checks the audio and is responsible for health of lens and camera prior to a shoot
  • Must have a good knowledge about various kinds of cameras
  • Must update his knowledge about latest camera equipment

Camera Operator Education, Training and Qualifications

There is no minimum education qualification required for this job; a camera operator must be a healthy and athletic person as one is required to be on toes till the long hours of shoots complete. The best training center for a camera operator is a shooting location.

Camera Operator Degrees, Courses & Certification

Although there is no minimum education qualification required for this job but there are several vocational courses which give fair idea about process of film making and role of camera in that. A camera operator learns a lot assisting a cameraman or cinematographer.

Camera Operator Skills and Specifications:

  • Must be able to do crisis management during unfavorable shooting conditions like cyclone or famine.
  • He must know a camera completely so that he must be able to carry out minimal repairs.
  • Must know the script of the project on which he is working so that there is linearity in the shoot.
  • He must have an eye for detailing for maintain the continuity pattern of the shoot.
  • He must be familiar with all the department of location including set, light, production and creative team.
  • Also cleans a camera so he must know the technicalities of camera.

Camera Operator’s Salary/Wage

A film camera operator generally faces periods of unemployment once shoots are over during such time they get paid from Unions. The salary for a camera operator ranges from $40,000 to $80,000.

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