Media Project Manager Job description

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Media Project Manager Job Description and Profile

Media Project manager must be well aware of procuring resource, people and assign them the designated task. Media Project Manager primarily needs to understand the client requirements with the desired work, budget and timelines. In sync with the requirement, he then needs to break down the Idea into thought and tasks. The most pivotal aspect in the project management lies in control management. Media Project Manager must check and evaluate the progress of the task and give the timely feedback to the task master.

Media Project Manager Duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible to identify the resources within and outside the organization via tools like Internal Jobs and External agencies
  • Must have regular meetings with client, to understand and communicate the progress at work
  • Need to understand, visualize and draft the outline of the project
  • Must be aware and introduce the latest technical advancement in the industry at the most competitive price

Media Project Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

A Media Project manager must be a college or university graduate in Business or commerce stream. He can also have a diploma in business management, communication and journalism along with internship of six months with well known organization. A higher qualifications like Masters increases the chance of employment initially and once in a job helps in climbing up the ladder.

Media Project Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

A media Project Manager must have certification in media project design and digital art along with degree, masters or diploma in project management or mass communication and public relations. He must have sound knowledge about the types of media (Print, web, radio and TV) and the technology involved in each.

Media Project Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must be a team player along with excellent leadership skills
  • A media project is labor as well as technology intensive and manger must be able to manage them efficiently
  • Must have good idea about the brand he is working on and he must be able to resource a suitable brand ambassador for the project
  • Must understand the technology of the medium (TV, web, radio and print) he is working with
  • The completion of a project is a sole responsibility of the manager so one must be able to meet the deadlines

Media Project Manager’s Salary/Wage

The annual salary of a media project manger ranges from $45,000 to $90,000.

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