Media Relation Job Description

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Media Relation Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a media relations officer has a lot common with a public relations officer. Every organization, private or public company, political party etc has to interact with buyers, customers, stakeholders to give them information about certain products, for promotional campaigns or have to take some damage control measures. Through mass media they can reach a large audience and a media relations officer employed by the organization makes sure that the necessary information is passed to the advantage of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A media relations officer has to be in touch with all media houses and interacts with them regularly
  • He prepares and sends press releases or briefs and to media persons who would cover it in their respective newspapers or channels
  • He is in charge of organizing and attending press conferences, inviting the media or giving any information about the organization
  • He is like the public face of a organization and a spokesperson of the organization’s policies
  • He may have to give interviews to the media, provide clarifications if a negative image of the organization has been printed or shown
  • He has to pass on information in an open and reliable way

Skills and Specifications

  • Good communication skills are essential in this field
  • One must have presence of mind and be a quick thinker to tackle tricky questions from the media
  • One needs to have in-depth knowledge about the organization’s strategies and policies
  • Discretion, tact and honesty are also required
  • One must be able to deal with pressure and keep a cool mind

Education and Qualifications

To be media relation officer one can go for a degree or diploma in mass communication with specialization in public relations and marketing. A general arts background is also supportive.

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