Media Seller Job Description

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Media Seller Job Profile and Description

In order to generate and sustain their revenues, media houses understood that they could offer their media space to customers who would want to communicate with a large audience for a certain product or campaign. A media seller’s job is to sell media space to clients to get ads from different companies or companies, through which he earns revenue for the media company he works for. Media sellers are employed in print, broadcasting or web-based media.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A media seller’s job goes beyond that of just a sales person; he has to build contacts, make numerous phone calls or even has to travel to meet revenue targets
  • He has to secure new subscription business for his company in the particular sales area that he has been allotted
  • He also acts as a contact point for clients and is a middle man for his organization
  • His primary responsibility is to maximize the revenue potential of his organization
  • He needs to make frequent sales presentations to his clients and show why his media space will help the organization reach the maximum number of target audience
  • Besides selling ad space to current and new advertisers, he also has to keep track of what his competitors are doing so that he can get more clients

Skills and Specifications

  • A media seller must have good communication and negotiation skills
  • He must be an expert in numbers and have basic technical knowledge of computers and other software
  • He must be aware of statistics on readership or viewing figures
  • He must be persuasive and tactful
  • He must be able to work under pressure, be confident and meet targets

Education and Qualifications

A media management degree or a mass communication degree will give one direct knowledge and experience in this job.

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