News Analyst Job Description

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News Analyst job profile and description

A news analyst is responsible for analyzing the news received from various sources. They also examine and interpret the news before broadcasting it. The news that they examine are that of local, state, national and international events. A news analyst is also referred to as a newscaster or a news anchor as they also serve as an anchor for a news show. They prepare stories and also write commentaries, scripts and columns. The news analyst also determines the topics to be addressed and the assignments to be obtained from the staff section of the editorial department.

News Analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Analyzing news received from internal as well as external sources
  • Writing, scripts for news to be broadcasted
  • Writing columns and commentaries for news to be printed in a newspaper or broadcasted on a news channel
  • Interpreting the news
  • Deciding the topics to be addressed
  • Coordinating with the news anchor and sometimes also serving as an anchor in a news broadcasting program
  • Doing research to develop perspectives about news subjects
  • Attending and observing various events
  • Interview individuals related to a certain news
  • Investigating news worthy events
  • Interview guests on a news channel
  • Presenting facts to the audience
  • Introducing news stories on news shows
  • Gathering the information to be presented to the audience
  • Travelling to the location where the news event has to be covered
  • Meeting deadlines for preparing news presentations
  • Maintaining accuracy in the news to be presented
  • Communicating via phone and email with editors

News Analyst skills and specifications

  • Must have excellent verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Effective investigative skills
  • Analyzing skills
  • Leadership quality
  • Good reading knowledge to understand work related documents
  • A news analyst must have good listening skills
  • Management skills are necessary to work at the post of a news analyst.

News Analyst education and qualification

An individual working as a news analyst can have either of the degrees:

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication
  • Post Graduation or Master’s degree in journalism and mass communication
  • Diploma in journalism is preferred.

News Analyst salary

The average salary of a news analyst is $55,000 annually. The salary in a national news channel is much higher compared to that of a local news channel. The salary also depends on the work experience and qualification of the individual.

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