Public Relations Job Description

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Public relations Job Profile and Description:

Public relations means promoting or creating goodwill for companies, individuals, organizations, political parties, by presenting or selecting favorable publicity matter and releasing it through the different forms of mass media. Maintaining good public relations with clients, media, stakeholders are very important for a organization and a public relations officer is put in charge of that.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Every company has a public relations team which is responsible for interacting with the media, through which it present its views and developments to the public in general.
  • A public relations officer must prepare or edit organizational publications like employee newsletters, annual reports, stockholders’ reports for internal and external audiences
  • He must respond to requests for information from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson
  • He is responsible for establishing and maintaining a cordial relationship with stakeholders, clients, employees and public interest groups
  • He also has to plan and present informational programs so that favorable public and stockholder perceptions of his organization’s achievements are maintained
  • He must work closely with the production team to produce or coordinate promotions and ads, and needs to discuss their timing and placement
  • He is like a link between the public and organization and must arrange press conferences, contests, or trips for his clients and the media to promote his company, the brand and create goodwill

Skills and Specifications:

  • A public relations officer must be aware of the organization’s objectives and agenda and use his discretion while talking to the press
  • He must have presence of mind, and should be in regular contact with media persons to present his company’s views

Education and Qualifications:

If you are interested in this field, you may go for a degree or diploma in mass communications with specialization in public relations, which is usually clubbed with an advertising degree.

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