Neonatal Nurse Job Description

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Neonatal Nurse Job Profile and Description

A neonatal nurse is responsible for dealing with new born babies and taking care of them at various stages. They have to look after healthy babies after childbirth and also cater to the needs of the ill newborns or premature babies.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taking general care of the newborn babies is the most important task for the neonatal nurses
  • They have to help treat babies with physical problems or ailments
  • They should help with the feeding, give medicines, take the temperature etc
  • They should follow hospital rules and guidelines
  • They also teach the parents how to take care of the babies especially if they suffer from some ailment
  • They need to regularly monitor the health of the baby
  • They need to conduct various tests, administer IVs supply oxygen
  • They have to ensure proper use of incubators, ventilators and feeding tubes
  • They have to keep a record of the health details of all the baby
  • They keep track of the duties of the other nurses and store details of the patients
  • They have to provide emotional and mental support to the parents, especially if the baby has to undergo surgery
  • They inform the parents about their child’s health complications

Skills and Specifications

  • They should love infants and enjoy working with them
  • They should be extremely careful while taking care of the babies
  • They should be sympathetic and understanding towards the parents
  • They should have a positive attitude towards life and should have a cheerful personality

Education and Qualifications

One needs to have e bachelor’s degree in nursing along with a minimum of 1 year experience in working in the neonatal ICU. They should clear the licensing exam which is scheduled after graduation. One can also go for a master’s program in nursing in a nursing school.

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