Nurse Manager Job Description

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Nurse Manager Job Profile and Description

A nurse manager has to coordinate with the nursing staff to supervise all patient services. He has to work with physicians to properly plan unit activities to take care of patients. He is in charge of managing and organizing the duties of the nurses and makes a working schedule for them and evaluates their work.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A nurse manager is in charge of the nursing staff and works with patients and families of patients to provide assistance for health care
  • He is also responsible for processing various paperwork related to department budgets, disciplinary actions against employees, updating patients’ medical records, insurance related documents etc
  • He handle the operations and the staff of certain specific units in a health care facility, like the department of radiology, intensive care unit or the emergency room
  • He has to assign the appropriate nursing staff to each unit and develops the nursing plans for the patients in these unit
  • He assigns the duties of the nursing teams and helps them coordinate among themselves to provide the patient with proper medical care and attention
  • Some of them perform research to remain up to date on the latest developments on nursing care practices
  • He also determines the individual needs of the patients and overall program needs for the health care facility
  • A nurse manager conducts training for the staff who need additional guidance
  • He should make sure all the rules and guidelines are properly followed

Skills and Specifications

  • The nurse manager should have good communication and leadership skills
  • He should be organized and understanding
  • He should also have good management skills and motivate his team

Education and Qualifications

A nurse manager should have minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. A master’s degree is also preferable and this position requires a considerable amount of experience.

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