Nurses Aide Job Description

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Nurses aide job description and profile

The nurse’s aide supports and helps the nurses in caring for the patients. The job profile of an aide or an orderly involves bringing food to the patients, keeping their surroundings clean, helping the patients move and other such functions.

Nurses aide job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a nurse’s aide are:

  • Taking care of the hygiene and grooming needs of the patients like washing, bathing, massages and changing
  • Help patients in eating
  • Help to transfer the patients to and from beds
  • Emptying bedpans and ensuring hygiene
  • Changing bedspreads and pillows of the beds
  • Minor health care jobs like taking temperature, pulse and blood pressure
  • Spending time with the patients and providing companionship
  • Making the stay of the patients in the hospital by bringing things which they need
  • Keep water pitchers, ice bags and hot pads ready for the patient to use whenever necessary

Nurses aide skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a nurse’s aide are:

  • Should be hardworking and dedicated to the job
  • Should be genuinely interested in patient care
  • Should have basic health care knowledge
  • Should not be averse to performing less desirable duties like changing bedpans
  • Should be capable of working long hours
  • Should be pleasant and interested in patiently spending time with patients
  • Should be able to work under high stress conditions if called for in the ER

Nurses aide education and qualifications

The education and qualifications required for the job of a nurse’s aide are:

  • A high school graduation or a similar vocational course is basic
  • As per federal laws, a person should work in a nursing home and put in 75 hours of service before being eligible for the post so a nurses aid

Nurses aide salary

The salary of a nurse’s aide ranges from $20,000 to $28,000 per annum.

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