Nursing Home Health Aides Job Description

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Nursing Home Health Aides Job Profile and Description

The Nursing Home Health Aides are the ones who offer health care services to people who are not just admitted to nursing homes but also those who are treated at their homes. Their patients are mostly those who are terminally ill, disabled people and elderly people. They can work both in hospitals and health care agencies depending on the nature their area of employment.

Nursing Home Health Aides Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Visiting each patient at their place of residence and observing if there are any changes in the behavior or health of the patients.
  • Measuring vital signs and changes in the temperature, blood pressure, respiration of the patients.
  • Aiding the documents related to nutritional and liquid intake and offering the suitable reminders to the patients.
  • Helping the patients with bathing, dressing, washing, grooming etc.
  • Preparing the food of the patient and assisting the patient with eating.
  • Carrying out the work of light housekeeping and offering adequate amount of companionship to their customers.
  • Reporting back all the information that has been gathered and supervising all the registered nurses at the home health agency.

Nursing Home Health Aides Job Skills and Specifications

  • Should be responsible
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Ability to notice every sign of change in physical or mental life
  • Awareness about different types of health care routines

Nursing Home Health Aides Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is not always needed to enter this field but then having such a degree can be of good help
  • Having the experience of volunteer work and part-time or summer jobs in hospitals will be an added advantage.

Nursing Home Health Aides Job Salary

The hourly earnings for these professionals on an average is $9 hourly.

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