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Construction safety officer job description and profile

The job of a Construction Safety Officer involves working in an office or at the construction site. They form and review the safety guidelines for construction workers to lessen the risks of injuries and accidents. They often travel to the construction sites to check the compliance of safety guidelines. They have the main responsibility on their shoulders for the completion of the whole project safely.

Construction safety officer job duties and responsibilities –

  • Educate the construction workers about construction safety measures
  • Visit the construction sites regularly to ensure that the development is as per laws
  • In cases of injuries on the sites, they make sure that the sufferers get first aid and then, examine the reasons behind the accident
  • Present the protection precautions for a project to the management
  • Conduct training session for the workers and, inform them about the newest techniques of security and safety
  • Should consult the construction supervisors, engineers and designers about construction protection measures
  • Conduct frequent research on construction equipments

Construction safety officer job skills and specifications –

  • Excellent knowledge about construction safety techniques
  • Good leadership and communication skills
  • Be a team player and, efficiently assess the safety measures of the construction project
  • Good written skills for preparing reports

Construction safety officer job education and qualifications –

  • A high school diploma
  • A degree or diploma in construction safety measures
  • Excellent knowledge and a certification course on federal laws for construction
  • Must hold a state valid driver’s license

Construction safety officer salary –

The average salary for a Construction Safety Officer is around $45,000 annually.

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