Corrections Officer Job Description

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Corrections officer job description and profile

A Corrections Officer works at the correctional features like jails. This job entails managing the security of the inmates. It is a very complicated and demanding job. You have to interact with inmates and it needs a lot of expertise and intellect. It is a dangerous job and, has registered the highest number of work-related accidents.

Corrections officer job duties and responsibilities –

  • Maintaining law and order in the prison
  • Ensuring that the inmates are secure and safe
  • Regular brushing of the jail to find invisible weapons
  • Ferrying inmates to the trial and back to the jail with limited safety actions in place to avoid the captive from escaping
  • Taking cost in times of riots and battles in the jail and confirming to the greater officials
  • Controlling the captive and guaranteeing discipline
  • Overseeing the features like food, cleanliness and cleanliness in the prison
  • Formulating action classes for prisoners
  • Corrections official job abilities and specifications

Corrections officer job skills and specifications –

  • Tremendous amount of expertise and anger to cope with difficult prisoners
  • Excellent interaction abilities to be able to discuss and persuade prisoners
  • Excellent management and company abilities to be able to sustain law and purchase in the prison
  • Ability to management mob battles among the prisoners
  • Should be strong, brave and have the capability to cope with risky criminals

Corrections officer education and qualifications –

  • A High school diploma
  • A Bachelor’s degree

They are provided with job training – it is rigorous physical training, and involves understanding federal laws and marksmanship.

Corrections officer salary –

The average salary of a corrections officer ranges from $28,943 to $47,714 annually.

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