Drug Enforcement Officer Job Description

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Drug enforcement officer job description and profile

The job of a Drug Enforcement Officer is to work against trafficking of illegal drugs and narcotics. They are the only authorities who have the power to impose rules on medication. It includes research into smuggling of medication and, it can be a dangerous job.

Drug enforcement officer duties and responsibilities –

  • Investigate different types of medications and make sure that the substances are under the highest possible authorized levels
  • Investigate medication trafficking companies and perform towards placing an end to it
  • May have to go undercover to satisfy the requirements of the job
  • Take under legal care individuals engaged in the unlawful medication business
  • Assisting legal professionals to get ready situations against those charged in the medication racket
  • Investigate the financial situation of the alleged criminals
  • Prepare reviews to be provided to the government body
  • Drug administration official abilities and specifications

Drug enforcement officer skills and specifications –

  • Courage and bravery are the primary abilities necessary to be able to be able to take on risky assignments
  • A thorough understanding about the different types of medication and the capability to identify them
  • The job may need the use of weaponry and firearms
  • A eager feeling for details and the capability to identify miscreant activity
  • A thorough understanding about the undercover and undercover activities
  • High stages of actual fitness
  • Hardworking and devoted natures
  • Excellent systematic, sensible, planning and interaction skills
  • Must be able to perform in great pressure conditions

Drug enforcement officer education and qualifications –

  • Must be between 21 and 36 years of age and, a citizen of the United States
  • Must complete rigorous physical examinations, endurance levels, oral and written exams and lie detection tests
  • Must pass the illegal drug usage examination
  • A Bachelor’s degree in drug enforcement

Drug enforcement officer salary -0

The average salary of a Drug Enforcement Officer ranges from $49,746 to $92,592.

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