Front Office Trainee Job Description

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Front Office Trainee Job Description

The Front office is a very responsible job. It entails important functioning of an organization. The front office trainee is given on-the-job training in respect with the front office duties and activities. They are required to welcome visitors and handle their queries with a friendly and pleasant approach. They answer phone calls, receive mails and forward them to the concerned people. They have to perform many other various activities.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Getting trained on all front office functions
  • Attending visitors, and handling their queries
  • Attending phone calls, and forwarding them to the concerned people
  • Receiving couriers and forwarding them to the addressed people
  • Maintaining the visitors’ record
  • Allotting the sessions and appointment time with the authorities to the clients
  • Managing all the necessary preparations for important events and conventions.
  • Checking and replying to emails
  • Coordinate and maintain inter-communication between various departments
  • Arranging transport for the workers of the company.
  • Focusing on providing customer-oriented services and fulfillment.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good personal and professional abilities needed.
  • Enchanting individuality.
  • Ability to perform in collaboration with individuals.
  • Should have and mathematics abilities.
  • Basic computer understanding
  • Flexibility to perform in all situations
  • Strong communicational and composing skills.

Education and Qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s degree is required for this position.

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