Mining Geological Engineer Job Description

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Mining Geological Engineer Job Profile and Description

Mining geological engineers are responsible in finding, exploring and designing the mining infrastructures, whether on land or sea, to extract the raw fossil fuels, metals and minerals needed for power generation and industrial manufacturing. These fossil fuels are your non-renewable sources like oil, coal, and natural gas. They also look for crystals, rare earths and metals like copper, iron ores, and titanium, among others used as raw materials for manufacturing industries.

Mining Geological Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the construction of mine shafts and tunnels in underground mining operations as well as the transport of raw mined materials to the surface.
  • Design and develop excavation techniques based on the properties of materials to be mined, safety considerations and cost-effective operations.
  • Develop safe, low cost, and environmentally sound mining operation of mines.
  • Collaborate with geologists and metallurgical engineers to spot, locate, and appraise new fossil fuel deposits.
  • Develop procedural and computerized mining operations to guarantee the safety of mine workers and in compliance with the State and Federal safety regulations.

Mining Geological Engineer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have ability to work in deep excavations, tunnels and underground shafts
  • Should have outstanding medical health and physical fitness to have the tolerance to work in dark, damp and potentially hazardous locations
  • Should have a good familiarity with environment regulations and laws in the mining areas.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Outstanding interpersonal and people management skills in supervising mining construction projects

Mining Geological Engineer Education and Qualifications

  • A 5-year Bachelors degree in Mining/Geological Engineering is a basic requirement.
  • Passing the state’s licensure exams to become a Professional Engineer gives an added advantage

Mining Geological Engineer Salary

The average annual salary of a mining engineer is $77,000 with the middle 50% earning between $59,000 and $100,000. The lowest 10% about $50,000 while the highest 10% earned around $125,000.

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