Clinical Pharmacist Job Description

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Clinical Pharmacist Job Profile and Description

Clinical pharmacists work directly with patients and health care providers like physicians to give information and show patients about the effects of prescription drugs. They also advise on the dosage amounts and potential side effects, and give suggestions on how to plan an effective drug therapy program for their better health.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A clinical pharmacist fills prescriptions for patients according to the instructions of health care professionals
  • He observes and treats patients in all health care settings
  • He gives his suggestions on therapeutic therapies like intravenous nutrition, oncology, nuclear pharmacy and psychiatric pharmacy
  • He has to keep a computerized record of patients’ drug therapies and monitor if there is any negative drug interactions
  • He shows pharmacist technicians proper procedures like how to fill prescriptions, counsel patients and contact pharma companies and health care
  • He conducts research into the treatment and prevention of diseases
  • He is an expert in the field of both traditional and non-traditional therapy programs
  • Along with other health care providers, he gives his independent evaluations and recommendations for apt therapeutic solutions
  • They also help in the storage and maintenance of the pharma products and if they cross the expiry date, the medicines need to be discarded

Skills and Specifications

  • A clinical pharmacist should have good verbal and written communication skills
  • They have to be good with numbers and have analytical skills
  • Detailed knowledge of the medicines and compounds and their dosage is significant
  • They should have basic knowledge of computers

Education and Qualifications

Clinical pharmacists should have a diploma in pharmacy. Some of them need to pass a series of exams and have a doctor of pharmacy degree from an accredited institution college. Some of them undergo additional training through residency programs and fellowships to achieve the necessary skills and qualifications to practice.

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