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Assistant Buyer Job Description

June 2, 20120 Comments

Assistant Buyer Job Profile and Description The job of an Assistant Buyer pertains to providing administrative, organizational and technical assistance to the purchase division of a company. Assistant buyers are usually required for their expertise in the functions of a retail, or departmental store. This profession requires a person to work in a dynamic scenario […]

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Marketing Assistant Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Marketing Assistant Job Profile and Description The job profile of a Marketing Assistant requires helping and employing all marketing techniques by developing various elements essential for the growth of an organization. They mainly focus on planning and researching the market to develop their marketing techniques. They work under Marketing Manager and provide assistance to various […]

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Assistant Nurse Manager Job Description

May 3, 20120 Comments

Assistant nurse manager job description and profile The assistant nurse manager manages the duties and functions of all the nurses in the hospital. The duties of the assistant manager include supporting the nurse manager in administrative duties of the nursing department. This is an upcoming job in the US and the job prospects are very […]

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Photometry Laboratory Assistant Job Description

May 2, 20120 Comments

Photometry Laboratory Assistant Job Description and Profile Under close monitoring and direction, the job of a Phlebotomy Laboratory Assistant entails performing phlebotomy duties and various lab procedures related to the preparation of samples for chemical, microbiological and hematological analyses. The Phlebotomy Lab Assistant performs chemical and biological laboratory procedures and methods related in the preparation […]

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Medical Administrative Assistant Job Description

April 27, 20120 Comments

Medical Administrative Assistant Job Profile and Description A Medical Administrative Assistant plays a significant role in every medical facility no matter what the size of the facility is like. Though they are mostly concerned with the administrative functions of facility, they take care of other important factors of the facility as well. A highly demanding […]

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Certified Medical Assistant Job Description

April 26, 20120 Comments

Certified Medical Assistant Job Profile and Description Medical Office Assistants conduct the job of managing and supervising the different departments of a health care organization. From the administrative tasks to that of the clinical aspect of a healthcare unit is maintained by the Medical office assistant. They help the unit to function in a better […]

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Media Assistant Job Description

April 23, 20120 Comments

Media Assistant Job Profile and Description A media assistant may work for a media organization, advertising agencies, public relations companies or any general company and helps with a number of tasks related to these fields. Duties and Responsibilities He has to handle calls of the media department and assist the media manager or operation manager […]

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Assistant Media Planner Job Description

April 21, 20120 Comments

Assistant media planner job description and profile Assistant media planner helps and assists media planners in various functions and operations regarding media advertising. The different media advertising means are the radio, television, internet and print media. Assistant media planner duties and responsibilities The assistant media planner of a company has to fulfill the following duties […]

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Assistant Media Buyer Job Description

April 21, 20120 Comments

Assistant media buyer job description and profile The profile of an assistant media buyer consists of assisting a media buyer in purchasing media space in order to use it for placing ads and other publicity works. Media space is also purchased along with media space. Media space includes television, radio, internet and print media like […]

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Management Assistant job Description

April 16, 20120 Comments

Management Assistant Job Profile and Description A Management Assistant is someone who supports the activities of one or several people in a company administratively and organizationally. He is not only responsible for taking care of the professional requirements of the person/persons he works under, but he also manages the correspondence and information pertaining to them […]

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