Tyrone Company was awarded as Anhui Province Trademark Brand Demonstration Enterprise

     Recently, Tyrone was awarded the honorary title of "Anhui Province Trademark and Brand Demonstration Enterprise" by the Anhui Provincial Trademark and Brand Demonstration Enterprise Promotion Committee and expert evaluation.
     In recent years, Tyrone Company has always attached great importance to the brand development strategy, vigorously developed trademark brand building, registered the "Tai Zhuang" trademark brand, and successively won Huainan well-known trademark, provincial high-tech enterprise, provincial-level integration of industrialization and industrialization, and provincial level. Specialized in special new small and medium-sized enterprises and other titles, the company has nearly 30 patents, among which products such as "Tai Zhuang brand non-longitudinal rib rebar resin anchor metal rod" have been identified as high-tech products, famous brand products in Anhui Province, and Huainan City The famous brand product, "Taizhuang Brand Oxidation Resistant Galvanized Iron Wire" was recognized as a new product in Anhui Province, etc. Various honors have not only promoted the continuous improvement of corporate image, but also laid a solid foundation for Tyrone to build brand awareness and take root in the external market.
      In the work of brand creation, Tyrone Company continuously strengthens brand awareness, cultivates brands, enhances brands, manages brands, and extends brands, promotes norms with demonstrations, strengthens brands with norms, and increases benefits with brands, focusing on cultivating the industry characteristics and core technologies of corporate brands , And strive to build Tailong's trademark brand into an influential, competitive, and reputable independent trademark brand, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.
     After being awarded the Anhui Provincial Trademark and Brand Demonstration Enterprise, the company will actively engage with relevant departments to implement a policy award of 100,000 yuan. In the future work, it will continue to be guided by the scientific concept of development and closely focus on the brand development strategy. Improve independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness as the goal, focus on expanding the number of trademark registrations and striving for well-known trademarks, accelerate the establishment of a perfect brand development mechanism, and continuously improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness. By improving the management system, improving the trademark structure, strengthening the protection of trademarks, accelerating the speed of brand creation, and increasing the intensity of brand creation, we will create high-quality products, enhance the strength of trademarks and brands, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so as to make enterprises bigger and stronger. Active contribution.