Relive the red memory and inherit the revolutionary spirit

                                                ——Tyrone's party committee went to Jingxian, an old revolutionary area, to carry out party history learning and education activities

      In order to carry forward the revolutionary spirit, review the party’s century-old history, and advance the study and education of party history, the Tyrone Company’s party committee organized party members and cadres to visit and study the glorious revolutionary history of the New Fourth Army in Jingxian, an old revolutionary area, remembering revolutionary martyrs, and relived the red memory .
     The party members and cadres of the company went to the Southern Anhui Incident Martyrs Cemetery and the former site of the New Fourth Army Military Headquarters in Yunling to follow the red footprints of the New Fourth Army soldiers and pay tribute to the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. "In the Southern Anhui Incident of 1941, under the leadership of Ye Ting and Xiang Ying, the soldiers of the New Fourth Army were active in the north and south of the Yangtze River, fighting the enemy bravely, creating numerous anti-Japanese base areas, and making great contributions to the Chinese revolution. A glorious page.” In the voice of the staff introducing the tragic and heroic deeds of the New Fourth Army, the company’s party members neatly followed the inscription of Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s "Martyrs in the Southern Anhui Incident, Immortal", bowed in silence, presented flower baskets, and faced the bright red party flag. Raise your right hand, solemnly swear, and revisit the party oath.
Later, the company party members visited the Yunling New Fourth Army Military Headquarters Memorial Hall and reviewed the history of the Southern Anhui Incident. The precious pictures, mottled relics, and shocking stories on display deeply touched everyone's heart. . The party members of the company expressed that the revolutionary spirit of the soldiers of the New Fourth Army and the ideals and beliefs of seeing death as home, made everyone fully realize that today's happy life is hard-won, and it is the blood and life of the martyrs of the ancestors. We must not forget our original intentions. , Keep the mission in mind, cherish and work harder to fulfill the duties of a party member.
       Since Tyrone Company launched party history learning and education, the company's party committee has continuously deepened the learning and education achievements of party members and cadres through various forms such as party history special party lessons, concentrated learning, special seminars, reading classes, and red education. While doing the required actions, the company’s party committee has compiled a handbook for party history learning and education and a handbook for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party in order to increase the interest of party members and cadres in learning party history for the content of party history learning and education. , Innovate learning forms, enrich learning content, strengthen learning quality, and constantly highlight the principles of learning history, increase credit in learning history, respect morality in learning history, and practice history in learning history. In accordance with the overall requirements of party history learning and education, the company will continue to transform the learning achievements into new results of enterprise development, integrate the revolutionary spirit into enterprise development, and effectively enhance the historical mission and sense of responsibility of party members and cadres, and make a positive contribution to the development of the enterprise!