Tyrone company launches "June Safety Month" activity

    In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Jinping’s important expositions on safe production and promote Tyrone to successfully achieve its annual safety goals, at the approaching of the 20th “June Safety Month” across the country, Tyrone organized a “Implementation of Safety Responsibilities and Promotion of Safety”. "Safety Development" as the theme of the "June Safe Production Month" activity.
      In order to deepen the "June Safety Month" activity, the company established a leading group and formulated a detailed implementation plan for the activity. On June 1, the company organized a mobilization meeting. The main person in charge of the company gave a mobilization speech and led all employees to make a safety oath, and representatives of grassroots employees made a statement. All employees signed the safety commitment on the safety banner, which further strengthened the employees' safety awareness and safety responsibilities.
       The company will continue to implement various safety month activities by carrying out safety warning education, doing a good job in safety education and training, strengthening activity publicity, and deepening the investigation and remediation of hidden dangers. At the same time, organize and carry out the "Ankang Cup" competition activities to lay a solid foundation for strengthening safety management and smoothly realizing the safety year.