Let the title of "Party Member" shine ——Remember Wang Xiaojuan, a member of the Dongchen Group Communist Party


       Wang Xiaojuan, female, was born in November 1986 with a postgraduate degree. She joined the Communist Party of China in December 2006 and is currently an engineer in the Reform and Development Department of Tailong Company. Since joining the work, the comrade has always strictly required himself to be a party member, and spurred himself with the specific requirements of maintaining the advanced nature of a party member in the new era. She actively benchmarked against advanced models, infected everyone around her with practical actions, and made the glorious title of "Party Member" shine.

        1. Strengthen learning and improve one's overall quality. "Study diligently to think more." As a party member, Wang Xiaojuan knows that learning is a life attitude, work responsibility and value pursuit, and a good medicine for overcoming skill panic. He always perseveres in learning, broadens his vision in continuous learning, and strengthens his ideals in true learning and faith. Faith. She insists on arming her mind, guiding practice, and promoting work with Xi Jinping’s socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics for the new era, analyzing and solving problems with materialist positions, viewpoints and methods, consciously strengthening the study of political theory and professional skills, and constantly improving her own political theory Level and professionalism.
      2. Work hard to study and improve technological innovation capabilities. "Innovation is the most important quality of business management, and it is also what we must do in the future." Comrade Wang Xiaojuan took General Secretary Xi Jinping's words as his motto, always inspiring himself.
         Innovation is the core of an enterprise. Without innovation, an enterprise will lose its competitiveness. In 2017, as a professional and technical person, Comrade Wang Xiaojuan made full use of his professional technical knowledge to participate in the research and development of projects such as high-efficiency wire drawing annealing process, anchor automatic coding device, and mine bolt production process optimization design. The anchor automatic coding device is a joint research and development project between Tailong Company and Nanjing. As a participant in this research and development project, she actively learns new technologies, repeatedly practices, and develops the professional skills of "listening to faults". In the equipment performance transformation, she meticulously studied equipment software programming, learned to master PLC instructions, and after repeated adjustments and tests, she finally completed the equipment improvement, which increased the coding speed of the original 4 devices per minute to 6 per minute, which improved work efficiency. . "A strong person is not a strong one, but united is a wolf." She taught her coding skills and became a good teacher in everyone's eyes.
Comrade Wang Xiaojuan followed up the R&D project throughout the process, was familiar with the various processes of the R&D stage, understood the production process and implementation methods of R&D products, used his spare time to learn mechanical drawing, in-depth exploration of patented technology, and strengthened the transformation of R&D project results. Since 2017, a total of 17 patents have been applied for. Among them, the oxidation-resistant galvanized iron wire was rated as a new product in Anhui Province; the process and equipment for removing oxide scale on the steel wire surface was selected in the Anhui Province Five Hundred Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Advanced Technology Catalog; the non-longitudinal ribbed threaded steel resin anchor metal rod was rated as Anhui Province Provincial industrial boutique. Product and technological innovation not only increases the added value of products, but also enhances the corporate brand image and visibility.
        3. Take the initiative to overcome difficulties in building credit. Based on the development of the enterprise, Wang Xiaojuan constantly puts forward new requirements for herself, insists on learning while exploring, and strives to improve work efficiency. In order to enhance the company's efforts in the application of government projects, Wang Xiaojuan took the initiative to shoulder this burden. The project declaration task is arduous, and a large amount of materials such as corporate standards need to be written. She started by studying national standards and industry standards, and went through a lot of information, looking for formulas, parameters, and methods, and finally completed the standard writing.
         The application of government awards and subsidies depends on the project, and the requirements for enterprises are different. As the specific person in charge of the project declaration, facing the "zero foundation and less resources" situation of the declaration work, she constantly explored, carefully studied and studied all levels of policy documents related to business work, carefully interpreted and analyzed the policies, and fully understood the rewards and supplements. The content of the policy, the preparation of the project book. In the declaration of provincial and municipal specialization and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, she has worked overtime to compile financial audit reports, previous year's tax certificates, patents and other related honor certificates, and compile complete declarations. With her active efforts and the cooperation of relevant departments, Tailong finally passed the provincial and municipal specialization and special new small and medium-sized enterprises certification. Comrade Wang Xiaojuan loves work and treats his job as his own business. With full work enthusiasm and rigorous working attitude, he devoted himself to the work, facing the arduous tasks, taking the initiative to overcome difficulties.
          4. Perform your duties with due diligence and create benefits for the company's revenue growth. Wang Xiaojuan regards high standards and performance of duties as the basic requirements of his work. While studying the basic situation of the company's qualifications, she mastered the policy declaration process and methods, and collected data while learning. After unremitting efforts, successfully obtained the first application project-Huainan Engineering Technology Research Center. Work has only forward signs, no rest signs. In order to increase the project declaration, she continued to study policies, expand the scope of declaration, and strive to maximize the rewards and subsidies policy, and successfully applied for the national-level recognized "high-tech enterprise" and "informatization integration management system"; Jingtexin Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Growth Small and Micro Enterprises in Anhui Province", "Anhui Province Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises", "Anhui Province Industrial Products", "Anhui Province Five Hundred Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Advanced Technologies"; "Huinan City Project" recognized by the municipal level 11 honorary titles including Technology Research Center, “The Seventh Batch of Innovative Pilot Enterprises in Huainan City”, “Huainan City Specialized and Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, and “Huainan City Industrial Products”, have applied for a total of 4.6 million yuan in government policy awards.
         Wang Xiaojuan has become an indispensable technical talent in the enterprise by creatively solving the problems in his work with his firm ideals and convictions and a tenacious spirit. Repay the training of the party organization and the trust of the leadership with the practical actions of loyal to the enterprise and love and dedication, and with a high sense of responsibility and mission, we will unswervingly fulfill the original mission.